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Stellar Task Force Team 1 by SoniaBane Stellar Task Force Team 1 by SoniaBane
This one took a few days... BUT I FINALLY FINISHED IT.


On a side note, I hate coloring in big pictures.. But that is why I must practice. :P

This is the Stellar Task Force team one. The crew of the Sol Del Luna. There was four, but she went bonkers, so she had to go to a mental hospital. |D

These girls are on a mission... To arrest the space felons out there, and keep the peace of the universe. Quite a big mission, isn't it? Good thing that they're not alone, as there are many members of the Stellar Task Force. And all team leaders must report back to the S.T.F HQ. That's also where they send the criminals they arrest.

Sol is the team leader, Nebula (Bula) is the navigator and operator, while Commet is the weapons specialist.

Each team member has unique powers as well as weapons.

Sol carries two 45 caliber magnums that not only fire off some powerful shells, but solar flares, too. By modifying her own energy and putting it in the shot, she could fire off any type of ammo she wanted.. Except for cold things.

Bula doesn't have much physical power, but she has lots of skill and intellect. Under the right conditions, she could, in a way, hack into someone's brain and control them. However this skill has about a ten percent chance out of a hundred of working, so it mostly backfires, and when it does, she is out of commission for quite a few hours. Her weapon of choice
is a transparent keyboard made out of a rare alloy from her home planet, that changes shape when it meets the right temperature. In this case, the heat from Bula's fingers.

Commet is very different from the other two. She's the power house in the team, and isn't afraid to prove it. As long as you aren't a waste of her time. Most of the time she uses her raw power for the crooks that they have to catch, and a lot of them require her power. Commet carries with her a yellow star shaped guitar. She can't play it at all, so there's only one other option. That's right, it's her weapon of choice. No matter how hard she hits with it, it never breaks. She's had that thing for as long as she can remember, and all she knows, is that they're connected somehow. Where ever she goes, it always follows, but she can't complain. She sometimes rides on her guitar like a skate board when jumping from very high distances, but any other time she's riding on it, especially if a glowing star can be seen on her head, you better watch out, or else that will be the end of you. One of Commet's special moves is called Crashing Comet. She rides on her guitar like a flying skate board, and then crashes down upon her enemies, and what ever else is within a 30 mile radius. When she crashes into the ground, the power that was inside of the star is released, and trust me, you don't want to be around when that happens. The energy released is like a miniature super nova.

Well, there you have it, A smart and kind leader who knows all the right choices, a brilliant mind who can invade yours and a "stick of dynamite waiting to go off. In your mouth."

Aren't you just glad they're on the side of justice?

Art and crappy logo is by me. |D

Brushes used to make the background are not, however, and are copyrighted by their respected owners.
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DBZSaiyanGirlSakura Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this pic is tooo awesome not to fave it, anyone who don't, doesn't see what I see which is someone who worked really hard on there artwork who puts a lot of time into it.
Mollygoma Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2012
Whoa dang, this turned out really awesome! :la: I really like how the shiny bits of their hair turned out, especially Bula's. And that color of blue in Sol's hair looks amazing.
How does I comment with coherent thoughts?

I'm not glad, though... ._____. JUSTICE IS FOR SUCKERS, HUAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!
It's been hard to take that word seriously ever since Devil Survivor 2 happened. "MY JUSTICE IS SCREAMING!"
SoniaBane Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2012
Oh my gosh, you have no idea how hard their hair was!! XDD I kept going from one art program to the next trying to get things right, until finally, Sai wanted to work for me. Lol. But thank you so much. I'm glad to know that it looks really good. Especially after all the hard work I put into it. ; ;

It was also very difficult to put in the back grounds too. The lines that I made to separate each character's panel? ALL CROOKED. XDD

Haha. Well, what fun would they be if they were for total justice. They're more neutral good among the alignment..
Especially Commet and Bula. While the leader is away, the mischief makers will play. So, I guess they'd be like the fairies of SMT? o3o

I still need to get that game. XD
Mollygoma Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012
Oh my gosh, it just LOOKS like it took a long time to get through. :lol: But I'm glad it all worked out in the end, haha.

Oh, WHOOPS. XD ... Well, straight lines are for suckers, so. .____.

Lollo, oh myyy. Sounds interesting. >XD But oh well, justice is somewhat subjective anyways.

I'd say I actually like the second one a little better than the first. I think out of what, 13-14 characters, only two or so annoy me. o: Which seems kinda weird, but y'know. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE CHARACTERS AND I'VE SAID THIS AT LEAST 2913820932 TIMES TO OTHER PEOPLE SO NOW IT'S YOUR TURN TO BE TOLD.
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